Despite the fact that it’s full of people, your company is more of a randomly assembled machine than an actual organization.

This is your problem. Not

  • lack of innovation, or employee engagement,
  • that you’re slow at launching new products
  • that you miss out on trends,
  • that together you’re dumber than individually,
  • that you can’t manage “shit storms”,
  • that you have a jerk problem,
  • that you can’t get “culture” right,
  • that you are always reactive,
  • that your managers lose sight of the “vision” and become P&L artists,
  • that “your” people can’t behave like adults,

not to mention that nobody trusts your “leaders” or perhaps that various forms of corruption are rampant in your business. You get the point.

A machine can’t get any of this right. Change this and the rest, with a little assistance, will take care of itself.

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