Leadership development


Henry Mintzberg and Jonathan Gosling developed the concept of the five “mindsets” to the practice of management.

They are (1) Reflective, about managing self; (2) Collaborative, about managing relationships; (3) Analytical, about managing organizations; (4) Worldly, about managing context; and (5) Action, about managing change.

The program has been deployed at various corporations across the globe (e.g. Fujitsu, SAP, Nissan, Brother, Cathay Pacific, Alberta Health and others) and in master programs at various universities (e.g. IMPM, IMHL, McGill HEC EMBA, CMPM) with a great track record.

As a certified partner, we’d be pleased to design and deploy a full program or a pilot project in your organization.



Our most ambitious program that deals with a domain that should define and guide business and not submit to it: wisdom and reason.

In order to lead, managers must allocate time for focused thinking and reflection on principles above the business domain. Such a practice has a profound effect on their views, thinking and behavior and thus on how they are perceived and respected in any organization.

We have compiled a total of 18 topics, covering three principles and how they are reflected in 11 personal and 4 social practices that are indispensable for leadership and, just as importantly, for “followership”, which is just as honorable as leadership.

The topics are based on the teachings of Western and Far Eastern Traditions and also draw on the works of Pythagoras, Stoic philosophers, Lao-Tsu, Confucius, Miyamoto Musashi, and others.

Based on interests and desired outcomes, select topics may be assembled for individuals and teams to develop authentic leadership and to transform teams into authentic communities.

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