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Above and beyond all pragmatic considerations, the person who is in charge to lead must be authentic. This is difficult: not only because authenticity is constantly challenged and it often means going against the current, but also because the concept about it is either blurred or completely missing. Success, defined by KPIs may come even to people who lack identity, but no success is maintained, as all big failures testify, without authenticity.

At the risk of uttering platitudes: everything starts with you and understanding where you stand is absolutely indispensable for starting out on or refreshing a journey of improvement. 360 reviews provide a great foundation for reflection, planning and action. The reviews provide essential feedback from people around you on all levels; they help you recognize perception gaps in terms of strengths and weaknesses, determine what needs to be changed and how. This is especially critical if you’re the CEO.

Your behavior, more than anything, determines your standing in an organization and while many factors influence it, your thinking is the most direct tool to take control over it.

Coaching works if your self-awareness increases, if you become more authentic and more efficient.
It takes a combination of reflection and insight. It takes work to align views, thinking and behavior.
We help with the discovery of influences on views and thinking, as well as with a plan and support in action that lead to desired outcomes.


Advisory is a confidential support service for executives that brings an outside perspective, custom-made tools, direct transfer of knowledge and insights. We deploy this as your sparring partners before you make decisions, present ideas, start an initiative, etc.

Trends, ideas, insights: There is so much happening and there is so little time. We read for you select trade and general publications, monitor the environment beyond your industry, detect emerging and even potential trends and report our findings once a month together with highlights about possible action. If required, we also read books and publications you specify and give you the short & skinny, plus our take on them.

Your peers: You know you need to get out there and exchange ideas with your peers from your industry or from other industries; this, however, rarely happens at conferences, business breakfasts and similar events. We organize exclusive, moderated conversations with other leaders and thinkers across industries and disciplines. Let us know if you want to be informed about this and/or if you want to meet anybody specifically.


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