Quick fixes & starts

 Quick advice (phone/skype) on how to handle a particular organizational challenge: one intensive hour. Tell us the problem, pay the fee and we’ll get back to you quick to fix a date & time. It’s cheap and a good start even if it’s ultimately about a bigger issue.

Organizational screening: we’ll look at your organization with fresh pairs of eyes to see what shape you’re in, identify bottle necks, risks and opportunities. Let’s talk about it and we’ll give you a quote you can’t refuse.

Workshops: workshops are great not only as part of a larger organizational development initiative but also as a stand alone tool to bring your team a fresh perspective or to solve problems.


Critical Thinking: quick workshop to facilitate thinking before making decisions. Bring your team together and we will facilitate a thinking session to bring a higher perspective to the table: check assumptions, scope, views. It’s also used by individual managers when preparing for presentations, speeches, pitches and other performances.

Future of HR: bring your boss, or if you’re the boss, bring your HR leader

Art of the Start – before you start anything: check assumptions, objectives, reasons; think things through correctly, from context

Communications rituals: improved meetings, written and verbal communication