People analytics

Company screening

“The efficiency of communities depends on the participants’ interactional network as much or more than it depends on everything else, such as combined knowledge with experiences, with IQ, with skills, etc.”
– Alex Pentland, MIT

The organization chart depicts how management would like the company to work. We show you how your company or team ACTUALLY works, pinpointing organizational risks and opportunities.

This in an indispensable step for making people decisions, planning of change management processes, as well as strategy development and execution.

Collected data is processed by machine learning algorithms. The visual representation of a given network leads to comprehensive knowledge about the interactional network of colleagues.


  • Subscription based system: unlimited number of surveys, reports and advanced statistics.
  • Interactive visualization platform: easy-to-use dynamic user interface.
  • Individual access control: fully scalable according to customer requirements.
  • Information based on data analysis: providing new type of data for decision making.
  • Visualized corporate networks: they become understandable, analyzable and manageable.
  • Supporting the intervention programs: the real benefits of interventions become transparent
  • Revealing network losses (e.g.: bottleneck): communication efficiency is increased.


360 Degree Evaluation – with an important twist

We provide the most comprehensive 360 degree evaluation whereby everybody may evaluate everybody.

In addition adding a few more dimensions to the exercise you are used to, it takes significantly less time to complete: just 1 hour.