Step Zero

Step 0 is necessary before any initiative. Large or small, complex or simple. If the first step is in the wrong direction, all the efforts and of course the end result will be wrong. Then it’s time for Step x+1, which is called rationalization.

Simply put: typically the concept itself is wrong.

This means that

  • the expectations for the outcome are wrong,
  • planning is wrong
  • expectations must be changed or adjusted continuously without any foundation
  • plans must be adjusted continuously to meet wrong and changing expectations
  • nobody knows exactly what they are doing
  • systems and team dynamics decline
  • morale and motivation drops
  • teams fall apart
  • after finishing the initiative, rationalization starts, to explain why what everybody knows is not good, is actually the only possible good outcome
  • cynicism develops
  • corporate perception gap widens

We help insure that the appropriate context is established for the entire initiative, with feedback and feed forward mechanisms for making appropriate changes.