Anything is possible

February 22, 2010 · Filed Under Theoretical Foundation, identity based praxis 

“Anything’s possible” is the motivational mantra of the post industrial age; it is a little vague.  It’s obvious to everybody that in systems, including of course such never very well defined systems as social systems, the range of potentialities is limited.

“Anything’s possible” is a logical impossibility and yet it has obtained/was given sentimental value and it drives people all over the place; literally. People set out to “achieve”. Ironically what they want to achieve is highly predictable. A strangely understood quantitative freedom is typically the context in which achievements are evaluated (it’s mostly about financial freedom).

Much more important than this should be to increase awareness to the range of potentialities available to individuals, developing the power to actualize these potentials and create conditions that enable such efforts; this however is outside the range of potentialities for most.


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