February 16, 2013 · Filed Under Theoretical Foundation, reflections, style 

We learn stuff: in schools, courses, conferences, from reading and conversations. Then we repeat.

This is bad enough but it gets worse: whoever repeats stuff louder is considered to be better. If on top of this all somebody is also more aggressive, she’s often considered to be a “leader” – most careers have been built on this recipe.

Authentic knowledge is quiet. It is not acquired, it is created; and since it is more than the individual, it calls for humbleness!

Powerful people strive to break the bondage of their individuality. They don’t need anybody’s recognition! This kind of independence is the only vantage point for control: controlling impulses, control to stay in context and control to think about timing when the time pressure is big; control for listening.

No control, no power. “Me, me, me”, “I did this”, “My idea” and similar was invented by people with no inner power and the weak is almost always loud and they are always overcompensating.

To do big things we need to become quieter. Let’s leave loudmouthing for….others.


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